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O visionário Maestro venezuelano, José Anmtönio Abreu - Theatro Municipal Rio de Janeiro
Theatro Municipal Rio (1)-Lang Lang-Foto Anaceli Nuffer
O fenômeno Maestro venezuelano, Gustavo Dudamel. Theatro Municipal - Rio de Janeiro
ISEPAM (267) 22.05.23-Foto Anaceli Nuffer
Theatro Municipal  (75) 06.03.23-Foto Anaceli Nuffer (2)
Theatro Municipal  (226) 06.03.23-Foto Anaceli Nuffer
8 SESC (50) (1)

1° Core

El Sistema in Brazil 

In 1996, the Orchestra movement founded by maestro Jony William, in Campos dos Goytacazes-RJ, gave rise to Orquestrando a Vida, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the social inclusion of children, adolescents and young people from communities in situations of social vulnerability, through the collective teaching of music, with symphonic instruments for the formation of orchestras, with musical education as a way of individual and collective development.


Its methodology is based on the successful and world-renowned El Sistema, created by José Antônio Abreu, in Venezuela; being considered one of the best centers of the Venezuelan system, outside the country. Based on the philosophy that the individual comes before musical technique, the aim is to bring out, through music, the best that exists in the heart of every human being and, at the same time, develop musical skills that are stimulated with love and respect for the journey of each student. All these experiences will be tools for music and for the life of each student who passes through the institution, encouraging continued education and opening paths for professional life.


Orquestrando a Vida serves hundreds of children, teenagers and young people, from different neighborhoods in the city of Campos and neighboring municipalities, distributed in orchestras and musical groups that translate the result of a musical work that took us to National and International Tours such as: Portugal , United States, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, among others, playing on large stages such as: Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro, Sala Cecília Meireles (RJ), Teatro Nacional de São Carlos (Portugal),  Carnegie Hall (USA), Teatro Colón (Argentina), Radio Paraná Auditorium (Paraguay), Centro Sinfônico Nacional (Bolivia), among others.


In the musical repertoire of the Orchestras there are always great works of international classical music, in addition to having a vast repertoire of Brazilian music, recognizing and valuing cultural, ethnic and regional diversity, seeking to offer the public the music of our country, valuing our roots , spreading our popular, folkloric and concert music, performing different performances and evolutions on stage, with choreographies showing the Brazilianness of the musicians and the richness of the rhythms.


Orquestrando a Vida recognizes that education is a form of Intervention in the world, and through music education it has been fulfilling its mission. Looking at the social-cultural aspect, this musical network becomes a powerful factor of transformation, the reality of individuals affected by the project is much greater than the children, adolescents and young people who study there, as this number is added to the children's families and the entire surrounding community.

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Dudamel (481) 23.06.2011-Foto Anaceli Nuffer.JPG

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Rua Baronesa da Lagoa Dourada n° 147

CEP: 28035-200 - Campos dos Goytacazes - RJ

Tel: 22 998801737 

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