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Academy of Orchestras

Camerata Apprentice

Formed by children aged between 6 and 10 years old, intended to initiate orchestra practice with our young apprentices, this orchestra finds in the Brazilian folk repertoire fertile ground for a pleasant and efficient musical initiation.

Without losing focus on the student's technical and musical development, but knowing that investing in playfulness in this age group is, without a doubt, a way to reach the child, technical and musical contents are worked on, using teaching strategies, games and activities playful, so that the student can develop in a pleasant, light and fun way, with a language aimed at children, bringing the act of studying an instrument closer to other children's daily activities.

Based on the methodology of the methodThe Musical Adventures of Aipim - The Violin Apprentice, by author Keeyth Vianna, the students of this orchestra improve musically, and at the same time, reconnect with their cultural roots, with teaching that embraces the traditions of their own country.

In its repertoire, in addition to Brazilian folk songs, there are arrangements of well-known works of popular and classical music, Brazilian and international.

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School Orchestra

This symphonic group aims to initiate orchestral practice, assisting children and adolescents aged 10 to 17 years. This orchestra also trains the institution's new conductors, aiming at training new multiplier professionals at Orquestrando a Vida.

Children's Orchestra

In this orchestra, intermediate level students will have the chance to improve themselves in the symphonic environment by studying pieces with more technical and musical challenges. This group serves students from 10 to 17 years old.

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David Machado Symphony Orchestra

In this group, students, already with their initiation grounded in previous orchestras, will have the opportunity to begin the study of works of reference for any major orchestra. In it, in addition to the continuation of technical improvement, the objective will be to deepen knowledge and develop the interpretation and character required to interpret baroque, classical and romantic composers, giving subsidy to our young musicians to develop with a solid base to reach new heights. musical goals.

This Symphony Orchestra honors in its name the great maestro David Machado.  Through Social Action for Music, on the initiative of the visionary Fiorella Solares, widow of the late maestro David Machado, the city of Campos dos Goytacazes received the first Venezuelan delegation of music teachers and conductors, with the aim of implanting in Brazil the good successful project of Youth and Children's Orchestras called “El Sistema”. This seed germinated, making Orquestrando a Vida a reference in collective teaching, with orchestral instruments, in Brazil.

Mariuccia Iacovino Youth Orchestra

In the development of the Academy's activities, in its nucleus of orchestras, this group occupies an important position, as it is a group with the greatest artistic representation, becoming a reference for all students of the institution who aim to reach this level.

With members of a more advanced musical level, with greater artistic maturity, aged from 11 years old, this orchestra has already performed on large stages in Brazil and abroad, bearing the name of our Institution and country, bringing unforgettable musical experiences to its members. musicians, and offering differentiated performances for the listening public.

The Orchestra has a vast repertoire with great works of international classical music, in addition to having a vast repertoire of Brazilian music, emphasizing the culture and riches of our country. The orchestra performs large and differentiated evolutions on stage with choreographies showing the Brazilianness of the musicians.

It is up to this Orchestra to carry out the honorable mission of keeping alive the memory of its patron, the grande dame of the Brazilian violin, Mrs. Mariuccia Iacovino, who in life presented Brazil with her talent and love for the country and visualized in Campos dos Goytacazes, in Orchestrating Life, the realization of a dream as an educator to rescue children through music.

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Camerata Myrian Dauelsberg

Myrian Dauelsberg has always believed in transformation through music, her musical-pedagogical work marked the history of our country. More than a great Brazilian reference, a giant that lives on the olympus of world music.

For this reason, Orquestrando a Vida's camerata of teachers and monitors honors, in her name, this great Brazilian artist and pedagogue. This group aims to offer more advanced students a chamber music practice, together with their teachers. This orchestra performs with a diverse repertoire ranging from baroque to Brazilian modernism, using the musicians of the orchestra itself as soloists, bringing a differentiated artistic experience to its members.

Hermes Cunha Symphonic Band

The symphonic band includes all the wind students from Orquestrando a Vida. The band seeks, in addition to chamber work, an environment that leads the wind student to high technical improvement. Since such a group requires technical and musical solutions from wind instrumentalists, sometimes different from those practiced in an orchestral group.

The Hermes Cunha symphonic band, in addition to the traditional repertoire, excites our city with open-air performances, bringing the best of Brazilian, pop and classical music.

The band is named after a great encourager and supporter of our mission, Professor Hermes Cunha, who believes that through music we can orchestrate lives.

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Brazilian Youth Symphony Orchestra

A reference both for its successful pedagogical plan and for its careful artistic curation, the Brazilian Youth Symphony Orchestra is created through the selection of the best instrumentalists from the Orquestrando a vida Orchestra group, becoming synonymous with musical excellence.


The Orchestra contributes to the technical and artistic improvement of its members, helping them to prepare for professional life.

The Brazilian Youth Symphony Orchestra is one of the seven artistic groups of Orquestrando a vida and performs on average 4 times a year.

Choral Center of the Brazilian Southeast

The choir groups are made up of a network of 30 groups in public schools in southeastern Brazil, providing children and young people from the periphery with the privilege of participating in a choral group.

Through music classes, this nucleus with hundreds of voices becomes a coexistence of citizenship, hope and harmony.

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