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1st Presentation at the Promised Land Center

On Wednesday, September 6th, Orquestrando a Vida held the Family Party at the Núcleo da Terra Prometida.

The Center's students have already performed at headquarters, but this time, 'at home', especially for their parents, emotion took over everyone."It is an immense joy to witness the rapid evolution of these students in such a short time, how music changes an individual's behavior, posture, concentration, the care in their clothes, everything shows us how our daily work directly influences the lives of these children, teenagers and their families." Our president Jony William says with emotion.

At the end of the presentations, a snack was served to the students and their families and the basic food baskets donated by Grupo Folha da Manhã were handed out, collected at their 30⁰ Feijoada.

We leave here the request for more donations of basic food baskets, Orquestrando a Vida helps more than 20 families from the Núcleo da Terra Prometida every month.

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