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Orchestras at Our Lady of the Rosary Church - Saco

This last Saturday (October 7), the Mariuccia Iacovino and David Machado Orchestras performed a beautiful performance at the Nossa Senhora do Rosário Church - Saco.

With a repertoire that moved and took the audience to travel through time. Orquestrando a Vida once again left everyone perplexed with the interpretation and technical level of the young musicians.

The orchestra was conducted by conductors Leibniz Lennin, Matheus Basílio and Hodyllon Martins. Before the performance of the last song in the repertoire, the president of Orquestrando a Vida, Jony William, promised everyone a wonderful Christmas concert in the parish.

Repertoire presented:

. Toreadores

. Hungarian Dance n⁰5

. Hallelujah

. Jurassic Park

. Imperial March

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