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Orchestrating Life in Caracas - Venezuela

The directors of Orquestrando a Vida, Jony William (founding director) and Hodyllon Martins (artistic director), meet these days as guests at El Sistema's World Music Congress.

Around 30 countries participate in this event in which a new proposal for orchestral music in the world is discussed.

“The opportunity to listen to what is being done in the orchestral world of the countries present at the event and to be able to share what is already being practiced in Brazil, but precisely in Campos-RJ at Orquestrando a Vida is of utmost importance for growth of our work in the world.” Says artistic director Hodyllon Martins.

During this period, Orquestrando a Vida has the opportunity to sign a cooperation agreement between the Simón Bolívar Foundation (El Sistema), in addition to cooperation exchanges between several countries in Latin America and Africa.

3 young people from Orquestrando a Vida (Dávila Santiago, Victor Hugo and Henrique Castor) participate in the World Orchestra, a wonderful opportunity to socialize with more than 160 young people from all over the world, as well as playing wonderful works of orchestral music and being able to participate in two major concerts at the Sala Simón Bolívar in Caracas, considered one of the most important venues in the world.

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