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“Orquestrando a Vida” becomes Intangible and Cultural Property of Campos

Orquestrando a Vida is, from now on, Intangible and Cultural Property of the Municipality of Campos dos Goytacazes. Councilor Raphael Thuin presented the Bill, which was approved by the majority of parliamentarians in the City Council. The institution has already served more than six thousand children and teenagers who represented the city in hundreds of presentations, on tours in Brazil and abroad.

“The benefits of this recognition are many. The country that better organizes its historical and cultural information, knowing its traditions, wins. But, above all, the community wins, as Orquestrando a Vida develops social inclusion work with children, adolescents and young people from communities in situations of social vulnerability. Through collective music teaching, the work has existed for over 26 years, transforming musical education into a path of individual and collective development”, argues councilor Raphael Thuin.

Orquestrando a Vida was represented by psychopedagogue Geane Vianna and press officer Anaceli Nuffer at a ceremony that took place at the headquarters of the Municipal Legislature.

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