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Sistema Orchestrando a Vida and El Sistema Venezuela sign agreement in Caracas

This week, during the 1st El Sistema World Congress in which 43 countries were present, an agreement was signed that will certainly be of great benefit to our children and young people in Campos dos Goytacazes, as it will enable exchanges

between countries improving technical education for our teachers and students

The executive director of El Sistema, Eduardo Méndez, with his entire team, received 140 international participants, 86 programs inspired by El Sistema and representatives from 43 countries at the National Center for Social Action in Music from September 18th to 23rd, to link and give a first approach to the World System of Orchestras and Choirs.

Orquestrando a Vida, 1st Nucleus of El Sistema in Brazil, was represented by president and general director Jony William, artistic director Hodyllon Martins and musicians: Davila (violinist), Victor Hugo (double bassist) and Henrique Castor (percussionist ).

The executive director, Eduardo Méndez, highlighted the missionary work of Master José Antonio Abreu, who in addition to today having more than 440 centers across the country, where more than a million members are served, laid the foundations to connect all the wishes of the countries inspired by his great work: “Showing results is the key to this structure. The results give us recognition to conquer more spaces and obtain financing that allows us to continue working on behalf of children and young people. To show results you have to work hard” he expressed as he continued the artistic closing of the event with a masterful demonstration of an effective result.

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